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How Does Stainless Perform in Natural Disasters?

by Jan 15, 2018News

Those involved in project management know the importance of choosing the right materials for the job. It is necessary to pick materials that are equal to the demands of daily use. Additionally, increasing severity of natural disasters of a number of descriptions should be considered to ensure that your operations remain active and safe even in the face of severe weather events. 

Severe Weather Events That May Affect Your Operations

The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season was the fifth most active on record. Hurricanes are measured in terms of accumulated cyclone energy (ACE). The ACE figure is calculated based on the strength and duration of a storm. Between June 1 and November 30, there were 17 named storms, including three hurricanes with an ACE over 40. This season was also the most costly on record, with some estimates showing damage as high as $369.76 billion.

The most severe earthquakes on record have all happened within the past 60 years. While there is conflicting data on whether earthquakes are becoming worse; however, what is clear is that more people are affected by earthquakes because of rising populations. Conscientious engineers are keeping earthquake risk in mind to ensure that their structures are equal to the challenge. For instance, Tokyo, Japan has survived numerous earthquakes. The city maintains fresh water supply even under stress because the stainless steel tanks used in the water supply system are constructed with the stress of earthquakes in mind.

stainless steel

Preventing Harm with Solid Construction

Selecting the right materials is imperative when it comes to keeping your engineering or architecture projects safe and secure. Components like pipes and supports, for instance, often pass underground or underwater and can be hard to monitor after installation. 

Choosing materials with the right levels of ductility, corrosion resistance and elasticity allows your projects to stand up to even the most demanding conditions. Many types of stainless steel, including duplex stainless steel grades like 2205 and 2507, offer characteristics that can allow them to do their job even in catastrophic situations. These materials are often up to the task even without the need for additional protection. They have long service life with minimal maintenance, allowing for both safety and cost-effectiveness.

We know how important it is for you to choose the materials that will keep your operations running smoothly, at a price that fits your budget. Get in touch today to learn more about the right materials for your upcoming industrial or architectural projects.