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Happenings from Great Plains Stainless

The History of Alloyed Stainless Steels

alloyed-stainless-steelThese days, alloyed stainless steels are used for a range of different applications. However, things were not always this way. In fact, it was only about 200 years ago that the technology used to manufacture alloyed stainless steels was first conceived.

From that point, alloyed stainless steels have seen a progression in technology which has made them vital in the manufacturing of products of all kinds. Wondering what this progression entailed? Interested in the history of alloyed stainless steels? You’re in the right place! read more…

The Structural Components of S31803 Stainless Steel

S31803-stainless-steelAlso known as duplex stainless steel or 2205, S31803 stainless steel is a steel product which has grown in popularity in recent years. Lauded for its combination of strength and anti-corrosive properties, it serves a number of functions. The best thing about S31803 stainless steel? It is relatively inexpensive.

The question is: how can this stainless steel be all of these things? How can it be so high-functioning at such a meager price? The answer is in its ingredients. read more…

Is Just in Time (JIT) Delivery Right for Your Business?

jit-delivery-planJust in time (JIT) delivery solidifies the relationship between you and your supplier to forge something greater than the sum of its parts. Traditionally, manufacturers keep a large stock of materials on hand and draw from that stock as needed when customer orders come in. With JIT stocking, manufacturers order only what they need to fill specific customer orders. With less inventory to store, and less waste, manufacturers can cut costs and boost profits. But realizing the full potential of JIT delivery requires the right balance of planning, foresight, and communication with your supplier. read more…

Understanding the Advantages of S31803 Stainless Steel

S31803-stainless-steelAlso known as duplex stainless steel, S31803 stainless steel is a form of stainless steel which is made out of a combination of austenitic and ferritic steels.

As the years have passed, S31803 stainless steel has grown in popularity. There are a number of reasons for this growth in popularity, some of which involve the steel’s strength, some of which involve the steel’s physical attributes, and some of which involve the steel’s price. read more…

The History of Duplex Stainless Steel

Duplex stainless steel is an alloy which makes use of both austenitic and ferritic steels. Combining these two steels, it’s able to be affordable, strong, and resistant to corrosion.

However, this alloy hasn’t always been what it is now. First conceived in the early 20th century, it has undergone a great deal of evolution. 

Here is the history of duplex stainless steel. read more…

Understanding Stress Corrosion Cracking in Duplex Stainless Steel

stainless steelDuplex stainless steel has become more and more popular for its combination of strength and affordability. Not only can duplex stainless steel hold up reliably through trauma impact, but through corrosion as well.

To understand the corrosion resistance properties of duplex stainless steel, you must also understand the concept of stress corrosion cracking. Let’s discuss what it entails, and how it relates to duplex.  read more…

What are the Benefits of Duplex Stainless Steel?

stainless-steelDuplex stainless steel, sometimes called S31803 or S32205 stainless steel, is an alloy which consists of both austenitic and ferritic stainless steels. The combination of these two stainless steel types creates an alloy with terrific versatility.

Not only are duplex stainless steels strong, but lightweight and affordable as well.  Though they’re not perfect, they do very arguably offer the most bang for their buck.

So what are the exact benefits of duplex stainless steel? Let’s discuss.  read more…

How Does Stainless Perform in Natural Disasters?

Those involved in project management know the importance of choosing the right materials for the job. It is necessary to pick materials that are equal to the demands of daily use. Additionally, increasing severity of natural disasters of a number of descriptions should be considered to ensure that your operations remain active and safe even in the face of severe weather events.  read more…

What is a Dual-Phase (Duplex) Stainless?

Balancing costs against the qualities you need most is of vital concern during stainless steel fabrication. Picking the right alloy allows you to get the characteristics that are necessary for the job without breaking the bank. Dual-phase stainless steel, which more commonly known as duplex stainless steel, can satisfy many requirements economically. read more…