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Understanding the Advantages of S31803 Stainless Steel

by May 11, 2018News

S31803-stainless-steelAlso known as duplex stainless steel, S31803 stainless steel is a form of stainless steel which is made out of a combination of austenitic and ferritic steels.

As the years have passed, S31803 stainless steel has grown in popularity. There are a number of reasons for this growth in popularity, some of which involve the steel’s strength, some of which involve the steel’s physical attributes, and some of which involve the steel’s price.

Wondering if S31803 stainless steel is right for your purposes? Trying to understand the advantages of S31803 stainless steel? You’re in the right place.


The primary reason that S31803 stainless steel has become so popular is that it offers a useful combination of strength and corrosion-resistance at an affordable price. It has allowed companies to cut their spending by substantial amounts.

While pure austenitic steel could serve many of the same purposes as S31803, it’s far more expensive. S31803 uses only small amounts of austenitic steel in its makeup, allowing it to resist corrosion for a fraction of the price of austenitic steel.


As was noted above, S31803 stainless steel is regarded highly for its corrosion-resistant properties. This is why it’s often used to manufacture underwater pipes and other aquatic materials.

Sea water is high in chloride, meaning that it can be hugely detrimental to metal pipes. Fortunately, S31803 is highly resistant to corrosion due to chloride. Duplex stainless steel, or S31803 negates the corrosive properties of chloride, thriving through years and years of use.

Exceedingly Strong

Duplex stainless steel (S31803) is one of the stronger stainless steels on the market. Its strength characteristics come from its austenitic makeup; austenitic steel contains a great deal of the hard metal, nickel. Because it contains a good deal of nickel, it is capable of holding up well against pressure and physical trauma.

However, just because it’s strong doesn’t mean that it’s not also flexible. Because it contains a good amount of ferritic steel, it is capable of being formed in any which way you could ever desire. Its combination of malleability and strength is unparalleled for its price.


Due to its high nickel content, S31803 stainless steel remains strong even when it’s stretched thin. What this allows for is a useful combination of light weight and high strength. Because it’s still strong when stretched thin, it can be used to create strong, but lightweight products.

This characteristic not only makes duplex stainless steel highly functional, but cheap to ship as well. It can be moved from place to place with general ease, allowing it to be used for a number of different purposes. Its combination of strength, light weight, and corrosion-resistance make it something of a super steel.

Equipped to Handle Water

As we noted above, S31803 stainless steel is specially equipped to handle corrosion which comes as a result of chloride. In other words, it thrives under aquatic conditions in which it is perpetually surrounded by water.

This steel is often used to manufacture underwater oil pipes, stretching over vast distances and thriving through decades of consistent use. If you’re looking to manufacture something which will be in constant contact with water, S31803 stainless steel is a good stainless steel to use.

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